June 21, 2018 Network Meeting Notes

Location: We THANK Outsiders Inn for sponsoring the Columbia Bank Community Room at 101 E. 6th St & Main, Vancouver, WA 98660.
The Columbia Bank staff, as always, were gracious and the space was perfect for a welcoming professional meeting.

In attendance:

  1. Jerri Stanley, SWWARC
  2. Tracey Jennings, CVAB
  3. Rebecca Edens
  4. Dana McKee, S. Kelso CHA/ HLC
  5. Catherine Henderson
  6. Kelly Gerke
  7. Gretchen Hansen, Healthy Gen
  8. Anna Rodriguez
  9. Adam Kravitz, CVAB / Outsiders Inn
  10. Michelle Kinney, CVAB
  11. Michelle Rodriguez, S. Kelso CHA
  12. Aideet Pineda, Molina
  13. Keri Stanberry, CHW/Peer
  14. Teresa Kirchner, PHSW
  15. Emma McC.
  16. Cindi Fisher
  17. Sara Angelo, CHAPS / VHA
  18. Ren Autrey, CHAPS / Outsiders Inn
  19. Melissa Berwind, CHAPS / CVAB
  20. Bobbie Bonham
  21. Sarah Wilson, ADAPT Peace Health
  22. John Herold, Puget Sound Hearing Voices

It was a lovely evening as we gathered to listen to John Herold, MA from Puget Sound Hearing Voices share his story about alternative approaches to traditional, mainstream attitudes toward “mental health” that could be completely non-pathologizing.  He thoughtfully shared, "I do not view unusual ways of experiencing, perceiving and expressing through the framework of “mental illness.”  Instead, I view out-of-ordinary states and emotions as potentially meaningful, as containing something important to be safely explored and thoughtfully integrated."

Here is a link to the video on YouTube or the slides in his presentation

Resources that were mentioned and you may want to explore:

and two surveys you may want to check out and/or add your experiences:

Our Resource Roundup guests added to the depth of local resources information we gathered!

Tracey Jennings, Program Director of the CVAB Reach Center shared about the various Groups and Programs that CVAB has. CVAB stands for Community Voices Are Born and is all about peer-to-peer support. Everyone who works there has some kind of lived experience in either mental health and/or addictions recovery and is ready to support those who are vulnerable or in crisis, or wanting to experience healing, recovery and wellness.

Michelle Kinney, Peer Counselorat CVAB shared her story of finding connection through the Reach 2 Program and how she is now continuing her recovery journey and professional growth through opportunities found through various other CVAB programs. She invited us to come on down to the Community health Building at 1601 E. Fourth Plain Ave in Building 17 and use a computer, join in a support group, or experience feeling encouraged.

Calendars and other links can be found at http://www.cvabonline.com/

Sarah Wilson, MSW shared information about PeaceHealth's ADAPT Day Hospital Program. ADAPT stands for Awareness Directed Activites for Personal Transformation, and is based on the belief that people can and do recover from mental illness. The goal of care is to partner with people in making choices that lead to recovery and that the individual directs every aspect of their care. ADAPT is an "oasis" where individuals can find support, recovery education and skills, symptom relief and hope for their future.


Ren Autrey, CPC Facilitator of the Vancouver Hearing Voices Network Support Group also shared about the local HVN monthly meeting that has been gathering at CVAB's Reach Center on Second Monday's of the month. Those who seek support in their experiences are welcomed to join in the group that creates a space on second Mondays of the month to discuss topics related to hearing voices, seeing visions, and having unusual or extreme sensory experiences. Vancouver WA Hearing Voices meetings are free, veteran friendly and facilitated by people with lived experience. Welcomed first-line care givers or supportive family members will not be turned away, but group priority is given to those with personal experiences.

The group's latest flyer to share is here: Vancouver Hearing Voices Flyer

More ways to connect:

There is a new Vancouver Working Peers Support Group meeting monthly over lunch!  Vancouver Working Peers will meet in July at Partners in Careers(PIC) where Andrew Westlund will speak to us about the NW Promise program that is designed to support efforts to build a health care system where the health care worker population reflects the population they are serving, and Lynette Ferguson will speak about seeking participants for the Empowering Women program that is looking to enroll 15 women who are 21 or older that are ready to take the next step towards becoming successful and building connections in their community!  Come learn what these "PIC" programs are all about!

Flyer to download and share

DATE:    Monday July 9, 2018
TIME:     12 noon - 1 pm
LOCATION: Partners In Careers (PIC) 3210 NE 52nd St, Vancouver, WA 98663 (Google maps for directions)

Other upcoming events / training supports / webinars / surveys:
  • The Housing Alliance is in the process of setting 2019 state legislative priorities. After a very successful 2018 session, we have a clean slate and are eager to get to work on the next most pressing affordable housing and homelessness priorities. We want your input. What are the biggest barriers to affordable housing in your community? What are the most pressing tenant protection issues? What should the state do to prevent and end homelessness? Share your thoughts on these questions and more by filling out this survey by July 9th:https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2019WLIHApolicysurvey
  • Resident Action Project RAP Listening Session - Friday July 13, 2018 from 12p-1:00p will be an opportunity to get YOUR thoughts and input heard for the Housing Alliance's 2019 Legislative Agenda and know what bills and policies we should focus on passing this upcoming Legislative Session.  Email Nick Wood This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to join in this Zoom platform training.
  • Resident Action Project RAP Chapter Building Training - Friday July 20, 2018 from 12p-1:00p Learn what we need to do to build a successful RAP Chapter in our local Clark County area.  Email Nick Wood This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to join in this Zoom platform training.
  • Working Peer Webinar July 30, 2018 9am-10am
    To be added to the list for this webinar, contact Wanda Johns at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • The next SW CHAPS Network Meeting will be August 16, 2018