What: SW Washington Community Health Advocates & Peer Support Network Meeting

Where: Columbia Bank Community Room 101 E. 6th St & Main, Vancouver, WA 98660

When 5p-7p


Thank you for being a part of the conversation as we learned more about  House Bill 2436 - 2017-18 which is intending to create consistency across the state by defining community health workers and their roles as recommended by a task force. 

THANK YOU for attending!

Suzanne Smith, Clark College
Melissa Berwind, CVAB
Dominique Horn, HLC
Mercy Davis, CVAB
Sara Angelo, VHA
Bill Judd, Council for the Homeless
Ren Autrey, Outsiders Inn
Gretchen Hansen, HLC via phone

  1. Sara Angelo:  Welcome everyone to the new 2018 Year of SW CHAPS Network and briefly about who we are.
  2. Gretchen Hansen shared brief introduction of what Healthy Gen does in our region and the starting of  the Statewide Collation of CHW Networks
  3. Ren Autrey shared details of supporting the Council for the Homeless Bus ride to Olympia supporting the Homeless and Housing Advocacy Day and the events organized by the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance.  Personal stories are important, elevator speeches (condensed and pertinent) are more difficult than they seem.  Getting time and showing collective support is important and  necessary in getting bills to move forward with bi-partisan support.
  4. Dominique Horn shared updates on the Income Discrimination bill just passed. History was made when BOTH the House and the Senate voted YES to ban source of income discrimination, with strong bipartisan support! #SB5407 #HB2578  has been in the works for 9 years and this is FIRST time the Senate has had the opportunity to vote on it.  It received 33 YES votes in the Senate and 61 YES votes in the House.  Big thank you to everyone to worked hard on that!  Now to support the next steps.
  5. Bill Judd shared documents on HB 1507 and the good news of bills affecting Housing:
    •    House Bill 1570, which prevents the expiration of a significant portion of statewide funding for homelessness services passed the House!
    •    House Bill 2667 to remove barriers to the Housing and Essential Needs (HEN) program passed the House!
    •    House Bill 2444, clarifying tax requirements for nonprofit affordable housing providers to ensure the longevity of affordable homes passed the House!
    •    House Bill 1831 to increase resource limits (caps on how much money you can have in a savings account, or how much your car can be worth) for folks accessing public assistance passed the House!
  6. Suzanne Smith, Clark College - raised questions about a previously supported program for certification of care navigators and the barriers it reached. -- How can we remove barriers to program to certification & training of patient advocacy / care coordinators. The 10 week courses - stopped in their tracks due to ?  The Program used to train for Health literacy, aces, trauma informed responses, how to understand non-clinical care such as insurances, financial paperwork, etc.  HEENT consortium certification handled this previously, but program removed - not fully sure the whys.  Gretchen H - will contact Julie Peterson about this situation to understand why?, the legislative history a little more.
  7. Gretchen Hansen , Legislative Updates on HB 2436:
    • This last session, presented a bill for the definition of CHW, still in progress.
    • Bill 2436 is likely dead this session -- but this can be seen as good news to revisit it and reshape it. At this point, Rep. June Robinson has added a CHW Proviso to the Governor’s budget to fund WA State DOH to move forward on the State Wide CHW Task Force Recommendations. (see Task Force Report). This would happen in 2019
    • next steps will be to set how to use CHWs more integratively, create pay structures, etc
    • Good news is that it will be mandatory for upcoming Pathways to use CHWs, - Caveat: The Pathways pilot is just starting - it has specific training, data collection processes, - will take time.
    • Modeling after Ohio and developments headed by Dr Sarah Redding.
    • Pathways Master trainers are being trained now.

On our to-do lists: 

  • Be prepared for the next legislative session.
  • Now it is time to build partnerships and be on those committees. - Be an integrated partner and piece of the upcoming systems.
  • Contact Gretchen Hansen (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if interested in Statewide connections / events.
  • Community Listening Session in March in Skamania County.
  • Community Listening Session in April in Clark County
  • April Network Meeting Topic:  A Community Health Advocate Response to the Opioid Crisis.

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